Monday, April 6, 2009

Evaluation Responses

Flatbread Frenzy.
I should have read this evaluation before I had lunch! The way that Forrest evaluated almost every menu item and provided details of what goes into every flatbread was excellent. She made me want to read more and possible drive over to Flatbread Company and scarf down a nice Jimmy's Free Range Chicken flatbread! I feel that this evaluation was very helpful in painting a picture of what a good evaluation should look like.

Harry Potter.
Outhier's evaluation of one of the Harry Potter movies seemed scholarly. This is due to his deep descriptions of the characters, settings, and director. Outhier details the movie in a manner that only higher level-minded individuals can truly grasp the evaluation of this teenage-audience film. If he would like to have reached out to a broader audience with his evaluation of a movie that is directed towards young members of society, then he needs to change his wording around some. 

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