Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reader Response Blog #2

        Cookie Monster was an interesting profile that gave me insight on a person that holds a job title that I have never really thought about. That job title is being a fortune cookie writer and the person who is that lucky man is Mr. Donald Lau. Mr. Lau was perfect for going into the fortune cookie business. He grew up reading many Chinese books that helped push his ideas into short little phrases of hope, direction, and prophesy. I always wondered if the lottery numbers really ever worked. It surprised me when I read that one hundred and ten people ended up winning the same lottery payout. Now every time I open a fortune cookie, I almost feel obligated to buy a lotto ticket and try the numbers. It is sad to think about Donald retiring from a job that brings a lot of fun at the end of people’s meals. I hope one day he does get around to writing a ‘how to’ book on fortune cookie writing. I would definitely pick that up.

         I have always like Johnny Depp as the somewhat dark actor that he is. Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite characters that he has portrayed. The profile of Jonny Depp by Sean Smith was very intriguing. I was stunned to hear that Edward Scissorhands was not a big movie in theaters. I always thought it was. However, I was young when it came out so I was not as culturally savvy as I am now. I have heard many times how becoming a father, or mother if that was the case, had changed a person from their old ways and made them a new person. Depp seems to be a very loving father, which I got this impression through his words. Depp’s reason for doing Pirates tickled me. That showed me a detail visual of who Jonny Depp really is.

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