Monday, January 26, 2009

Memoir Response

            After reading “Us and Them”, the title seemed to suit the story extremely well. The Sedaris family was extremely weird in how they dealt with people. I was feeling somewhat awkward, when reading the part of story when the Tomkey family came over to the house for candy. I felt sorry for the Tomkey family because of how the Sedaris family acted and how that could have made them felt. They must have already felt bad by going house to house the day after Halloween and then the Sedaris family must have created even more uncomfortable feelings. David Sedaris was just like any other kid around his age: selfish, mean, and curious. Any kid that just received or ‘earned’ a bag of candy the night before would almost never give some of it up to someone else. Their parents would have to step in and push them to do the right thing if they never have taught them that beforehand. I can relate to David in a way, because I was very curious when I was younger and somewhat selfish but not anywhere near as bad as David.

            The memoir called “Mick Jagger Wants Me” by Susan Gilman is very relatable. It tells a pretty realistic story of teenagers with this idea of meeting a famous person that they have basically fallen in love with. When I was in late middle school and early high school, a television show called American Dreams was on. I had ‘fallen in love’ with the character Meg Pryor, who was around my age and going through all these awesome experience with her friend. Mostly what caught my heart and thoughts was how she acted with guys and just her overall personality. I wanted a girl like her in real life. I don’t think I would ever meet Brittany Snow, which is the actress who played Meg, but Im not sure if I actually ever truly wanted to. Most likely how Susan dealt with the situation of about to meet the apple of her eye, I would probably have done the same. It would make things awkward for both me and her and would probably ruin the fantasy that I have always wanted.

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